Atomic Fuzz

Space truckin' across the galaxy takes a crazy amount of energy and the best power source known to human kind is the atom!

Plug into the Paradigm Effects Atomic Fuzz and lose yourself in a wall of rhythm sound or leads with screaming sustain.

$179.99 CAD

Atomic Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal Audio Demos



The Atomic Fuzz has a versatile 3-band EQ that allows you to shape your tone into anything from lo-fi buzz to synth-like single notes to full bodied rhythm chords.  

The Atomic Fuzz can be powered using a 9v battery or 9v negative tip DC power supply. 

As with all Paradigm Effects pedals, the Atomic Fuzz is true bypass and employs many high quality components to achieve the best tonal quality possible.


Is the Atomic Fuzz based on a Fuzz Face?

No,  it has a different design.  However, it is still a transistor based fuzz.

Are the transistors silicon or germanium?

The transistors are silicon.  We may create a germanium fuzz in the future, but it will have a different name!