Ionic Thrust Overdrive

Another cargo run from the asteroid mines, another cycle's pay.  Slam the ionic thrusters into overdrive, kick back and relax.  Space trucking' -- there's no easier job in the parsec!

The Paradigm Effects Ionic Thrust is a smooth, natural overdrive with additional control over tone and boost.

$189.00 CAD

Ionic Thrust Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal Audio Demos


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The Ionic Thrust's overdrive tones can range from light, small amp-like overdrive to a full size stack turned up to 11!  Tonal control over the treble and bass allow customization to dial in just the right tone for your combination of gear.

The Ionic Thrust can be powered using a 9v battery or 9v negative tip DC power supply. 

As with all Paradigm Effects pedals, the Ionic Thrust is true bypass and employs many high quality components to achieve the best tonal quality possible.


What components does the Ionic Thrust use for clipping?

The Ionic Thrust uses both LEDs and silicon diodes.  They are driven by both OP-AMPs and FETs in a unique configuration.

Is the Ionic Thrust a Tubescreamer clone?

Hell no.  There are way too many of those around already.