Plasma Dynamo Distortion

The only thing more dangerous than a failing graviton coil when you're travelling through hyperspace is dropping out of it right next to an exploding stellar mass!  In it's demise, NGC 6302 is ejecting streams of super-hot plasma and it's coming straight for your ship!

The Paradigm Effects Plasma Dynamo is a high gain distortion pedal with 3-band EQ control.

$189.99 CAD

Plasma Dynamo Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal Audio Demos



The Plasma Dynamo's distortion can range from crackling embers to wailing hot plasma sustain!  The 3-band EQ controls allow you to shape your bass and treble or even scoop the mids.

The Plasma Dynamo can be powered using a 9v battery or 9v negative tip DC power supply. 

As with all Paradigm Effects pedals, the Plasma Dynamo is true bypass and employs many high quality components to achieve the best tonal quality possible.


What components does the Plasma Dynamo use for clipping?

The Plasma Dynamo uses OP AMPs to drive silicon diodes.