Submergent Coast Chorus

In orbit of Kepler-22b, you send down an aquatic probe to take a look into one of the planet's vast seas.  Where you thought you'd find microbes, strange creatures abound!

The Paradigm Effects Submergent Coast is a rich, analog chorus pedal, utilizing classic Bucket Brigade Device (BBD) technology for smooth, warm modulation.

$189.99 CAD

Submergent Coast Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal Audio Demos


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The Submergent Coast's chorus sounds can range from slowly flowing eddy currents to bubbling jets.  Turn the depth all the way up for deep sea diving modulation or dial it back for surreal tones.  Switch between two different intensities for a wider range of sounds.

The Submergent Coast can be powered using a 9v battery or 9v negative tip DC power supply. 

As with all Paradigm Effects pedals, the Submergent Coast is true bypass and employs many high quality components to achieve the best tonal quality possible.


How does the Submergent Coast achieve the chorus effect?

It uses BBD analog delay technology for a classic, rich sound.

What's that switch in the middle for?

The switch changes the range of the chorus effect by affecting several parts of the circuit.  One side will be more subtle, the other more wet.