Tidal Ebb Phaser

With the gentle, dreamlike ocean vistas of Alpha Centauri who could ever feel homesick for Earth?

The Paradigm Effects Tidal Ebb is a tranquil, flowing phaser, employing asymmetrical phase ratios for a subtle but distinct waving modulation.

$179.99 CAD

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The Tidal Ebb's speed ranges from rapid lapping waves to serenely slow-moving drift.

The Tidal Ebb can be powered using a 9v battery or 9v negative tip DC power supply. 

As with all Paradigm Effects pedals, the Tidal Ebb is true bypass and employs many high quality components to achieve the best tonal quality possible. 


Does the Tidal Ebb use photocells or FETs?

It has JFETs matched within tight tolerance values.

Is the Tidal Ebb a Univibe clone?

No, there are many differences but both were made to sound similar to a rotating speaker.